Whitmer Lab at AAIC 2019

The Whitmer Lab had a very successful trip to the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2019 July 12-18 in Los Angles, California. 

Rachel Whitmer gives Plenary Presentation: The Epidemiology of Diversity and Dementia


rachel whitmer aaic 2019 plenary
Samples reflective of true population diversity are necessary to advance the Alzheimer's Disease field.


Graduate Students present their research


laura farnsworth presenting at aaic 2019
Laura Farnsworth, PhD candidate at UC Davis and member of Whitmer Lab


Laura Farnsworth, MPH presents her talk “Social Support and Cognitive Function in Type 1 Diabetes: Findings from the Study of Longevity in Diabetes (SOLID).” Laura is a PhD student at UC Davis in Public Health Sciences and a member of the Whitmer Lab.







chloe eng presents at aa1c 2019
Chloe Eng, PhD candidate at USCF and member of Whitmer Lab


Chloe Eng, MSPH presents her talk "Do Benefits of Educational Attainment for Late-life Cognition Differ by Race: Findings from the Kaiser Healthy Aging & Diverse Life Experiences (KHANDLE) study. Chloe is a PhD Student at UCSF in Epidemiology and Translation Science and a member of the Whitmer Lab.









Lab members present at Poster Sessions

emely perez aaic 2019 poster session
Emely Perez, UC Davis Undergraduate Intern


Emely Perex, UC Davis undergraduate intern, presents her research poster titled "Age of Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis and Cognitive Function: The Study of Longevity in Diabetes (SOLID)." 





hector hernandez aaic 2019 poster session
Hector Hernandez Saucedo, BS Clinical Research Coordinator, UC Davis Alzheimer's Disease Center and Whitmer Lab member


Hector Hernandez Saucedo, BS, Clinical Research Coordinator at the UC Davis Health Alzheimer's Disease Center presents his research poster titled "Measurement of Cognitive Health in Older Adults: The Kaiser Healthy Aging and Diverse Life Experiences (KHANDLE) Study."